Google Analytics Basics – Segments

Did you know that you can break down your Google Analytics data in hundreds of different ways? In our last post, we covered the basics behind site activity. In this

Google Analytics Basics – Activity

Google Analytics does not have to be complicated! In the first part of this series, we look at some of the terminology related to your site’s acitivity.

Understand Your Users With Leadin

Do you understand where your website traffic is coming from?  You have Google Analytics installed, but do you know the story of people behind those statistics? If you do not,

Random Git Stuff

Are you using git to its full potential? Git can greatly improve your workflow, whether on a team or solo.


Its not New Year’s eve, but its never a bad time to set goals and gain focus in your life. I’ll admit that I often set goals and forget about

Maximizing WordPress

WordPress is not just a blogging platform. It it works great as a blog, but it can also be used to build any type of application you can think of.

KnockoutJS and CSS Grids

When I started using KnockoutJS I didn’t realize that I’d have to code differently to fit Twitter Bootstrap’s grid system.  Because with Knockout we are working with a Model-View-ViewModel architecture,